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Ghana News : Jerome Boateng rejects court’s agreement proposal again – Sports – More information was presented in court on the second day of Jerome Boateng’s trial, and a bodyguard incident occurred, but there was still no decision.

At the district court in Munich, that will presumably take longer. Boateng’s ex-girlfriend has made significant accusations of domestic abuse against him, but their respective narratives are too different.

Boateng once more rejected the court’s invitation for a settlement, and this time the topic was the specifics of the 2018 night.

On the one hand, there is the version in which the 2014 soccer world champion insulted, hit, and injured his then-girlfriend and mother of his twin girls. Boateng was sentenced to a fine of 1.8 million euros by the district court in the first instance for this version.

A friend of his ex-girlfriend, who was there that night, supports this version, telling of “several punches” with which Boateng is said to have hit the mother of his children, of violent insults, and of the fact that she helped the woman. The description partially coincides with that of Boateng’s ex-girlfriend.

In a second version, Boateng only yelled at his girlfriend at the time. A friend of Boateng’s, who was also there that night in 2018, relieved him in court on Friday, denied the incidents – and supported Boateng’s statements.

Even before the two witnesses testify, however, an incident in court causes a stir: a woman reports, visibly nervous and agitated, that men were filming her in front of the courthouse, which made her feel threatened. Later comes out: These were Boateng’s bodyguards. The public prosecutor requested that the personal details be determined on the grounds that a criminal offense or the preparation of a criminal offense could have occurred. Boateng’s lawyers still tried to appease and spoke of being able to “evaluate Boateng’s security situation” through the filming. 

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