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Transport fares up by 30% from tomorrow – Concerned drivers assoc.



The Concerned Drivers Association has announced a 30 per cent increment in transport fares.

The increment takes effect from Saturday, 29 October 2022.

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) had earlier announced a 19 per cent increase in transport fares set to take effect on Saturday, 29 October 2022.

According to the union, the increase was necessitated by the rising prices of petroleum products.

Speaking at a Press Conference today, Friday, 28 October 2022, the National Chairman for the Concerned Drivers Association, William Agboado, however, disclosed that, they will be increasing the fare by 30 per cent.

He also gave reasons for the 30 per cent increase.

“From tomorrow, in all the terminals in Ghana, we’re taking 30 per cent increment everywhere, we’re taking 30 per cent. This is why, DVLA charges are up by 15 per cent, spare parts are up over 70 per cent, fuel; the cost of fuel, when it was increased the other time, it was GHS11.25, but today as we speak  fuel, diesel is GHS19.44, petrol is GHS17.54.

“That’s why we’re asking our members to charge 30 per cent at their terminal where they are,” he explained.

He further gave reasons for the 30 percent increase cost of transportation.

“The prices of items have gone up in Ghana right now. As we speak, this used to be GHS15, but now, brake fluid is GHS30; this is engine oil, it used to be sold for GHS110, today as I speak it’s GHS180, that’s how much we buy it. This is spare part, this used to be sold at GHS150 but today, it’s GHS300. Sprinter engine used to be GHS3500, today, it’s GHS7,200,” he noted.

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The National Chairman for the Concerned Drivers Association urged all passengers to comply with the new fare increment: “If you go to any terminal and a driver charges you 30 percent increment, you the passenger don’t fight him, this is the reason.”


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