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Video: Man dies over ghc2 fare increament after fight with driver’s mate



A man reportedly lost his life last night after an altercation broke out between him and a Trotro Mate over 2 cedis increment of fares in Accra.
An eye witness said the Trotro mate after telling the deceased about the new price led to a heated argument.
The deceased was asked to get down off the car if he was never going to pay for the new fare.
He declined all attempt to have him off the Trotro.
The driver drove back to where they picked him up for him to get down so they can proceed with the journey with the other passengers But the now deceased Man still insisted he wasn’t gonna get down.
A fight broke out between the passenger and the mate when they tried to forcefully get in out of the Trotro.
In the heat of that, a blow thrown at him by the Driver’s Mate(Conductor) landed
The passenger on the concrete pavement with his head hitting the pavement leading to his instant death on the spot.
Narrated by a Twitter account holder: Antwi Edmond
“The Massive increment in the Price caused Brouhaha in our vehicle, so a Male passenger who couldn’t stop talking after everyone was calm at some point, kept annoying the driver and his mate,to the extent the driver had 2 stop at Mile 7 rasta park area and return to de terminal.”

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