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Three sisters with strict parents get impregnated by their own gardener



A gardener has successfully impregnated three sisters at the same time. These three sisters were unable to explore the outside world due to the strict parents they have who virtually controlled every aspect of their lives.

In a bid to explore their s**x lives, these three Kenyan sisters had to rely on the poor gardener who always came around to work.

It was learned that the only close friend they had was the gardener who usually come to water the flowers in their home

Their once-close friendship had developed into a rom antic bond, and the gardener began having pri vate encounters with the sisters without the knowledge of their strict parents.

It was discovered that this continued for a while before the ladies all caught on, surprising their devout Christian parents.

According to rumours going around, the gardener had only been intimate with the second born until the firstborn discovered them and requested that the same treatment be given to her in order to purchase her silence.

The last born was also involved in the tryst, but it’s unclear how she found out.

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  1. King Charles

    November 5, 2022 at 10:19 am

    Blame the patients for being that strict because girls when they are not allowed to socialize to the outside world they will all anyone enjoy it or will give it up so the guy took advantage of that and the results is all three beautiful girls are pregnant for one man that a shame

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