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Bawumia will beat Mahama in 2024 by 52.5% – UK based research group



Info and Assessment Research, a United Kingdom based Research Group has found that despite the economic situation globally, more Ghanaians trust Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia over former President John Mahama in 2024.

The UK-based Research Consortium took responses from a nationwide sample size of 254,759 potential voters in Ghana to come to their conclusion.

Out of the 254,759 potential voters who were asked who they will they vote for in the next elections in 2024 between Dr. Bawumia and former President Mahama, 46% said they will vote for Dr. Bawumia.

35% however said they would vote for former President John Mahama to lead the country in 2024, leaving a an 11 point gap between the two.

However, it also emerged a huge number of Ghanaians are undecided about who to vote for between the two. These category of voters say both NPP and NDC are one and the same hence didn’t choose, constituting as much as 19%.

Placing aside the candidates, the potential voters were asked about their choice of political parties. 41% said NPP because they believed they were better managers of the economy despite the COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine. 35% said NDC will do better with the economy but this would depend on whom they chose as presidential candidate. But 24% said both NPP and the NDC are the same and will sit at home and not vote at all.

The Info and Assessment Research also simulated scenarios by asking about the chances of Trade Minister John Alan Kojo Kyerematen.Asked “Will you trust Alan Cash as President?” 41% said Yes, 37% said No. 22% said they would not vote at all if NPP chose him.

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Also the Economy, Corruption and Free SHS featured top as issues Ghanaians will consider to vote.

“If elections are held today, what are the issues will you consider as basis to vote”. 31% said the economy, 33% said corruption, 31% said Free SHS, while 4.5% said other factors.

Info and Assessment Research is an independent organisation operating in 17 African countries