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Video:”Find Jesus and leave me alone” – Hank Anuku finally breaks silence



Hank Anuku, the seasoned Nollywood actor, has at last addressed rumors that he was experiencing mental health problems. This follows the release of a video purportedly showing the well-known actor jaywalking and talking to himself.

Shan Goerge, a seasoned actress, arrived on the scene to dispel rumors that Hanks Anuku was insane and wandering the streets. She claimed to have spent three days on the same set as actor Hank Anuku. Actresses Nancy Iheme and Adannma Luke, however, refuted claims that Hank Anuku was in good health.

In the middle of the uproar, Hanks Anuku has been on the scene to address the reports about his mental instability and his physical health.

Hanks Anuku urged people to stop spreading and creating false rumors about him in a video posted on his Instagram feed on Friday.

The seasoned actor claimed to have been on a film set and added that “Holy Spirit” will pardon anyone who used video and photos taken on a set to harm his reputation.


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