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Pastors who make political prophesies are not from God – Kwaku Bonsam



Famous Ghanaian fetish Priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam has chided men of God who give political prophesies on major elections in the country indicating that they are not from God.

According to him, those predictions the so-called men of God make are from their own wisdom and not God the creator of heaven and earth.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Angel FM in an interview,  Kwaku Bonsam insisted that the God that he serves and know will not reveal contradictory prophecies to his people.

“Any Pastor who prophesy that NPP or NDC will win an election God says he has not sent them. How can one God say NPP will win and the same God say NDC will win”, Kwaku Bonsam quizzed while speaking to Ike De Unpredictable on Angel FM .

He went further and urged people to be careful with people who claim to be men of God but accuse parents for bewitching their children adding that, God does not speak to people like that.

“Tell those who accuse your mothers of being witches that, the Bible said they were not sent by God; he hasn’t spoken with them”, he added.

“We have a good one there, and fake one there “He quoted Jerimiah 14:14 to buttress his point.

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