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Court adjourns Inusah Fuseini’s son’s case



Mr Abdul

A United States of America Court has adjourned the date for the sentencing of the son of former Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini. had earlier reported that the sentencing was scheduled for November 21, 2022, after he was charged with engaging in fraud.

But the court, according to Abdul Inusah has adjourned the case to a later date.

Confirming this news to Accra-based Asaase Radio, Abdul Inusah said “The case has been adjourned to a later date in December and the actually day is yet to be confirmed. I’m yet to meet my attorney for clarification on that”.


31-year-old Abdul Inusah has been found guilty of Fraud and Money Laundering in a Southern District of West Virginia of the United States of America.

He faces up to 50 years jail term for colluding with others and defrauding individuals in multiple states through the use of false online personas.

The jury found Inusah guilty of receipt of stolen money, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of wire fraud. The wire fraud counts involve a pair of $2,000 Zelle wire transfers to Inusah from the money obtained using the “Miarama” false persona in January 2019.

I’ve nothing to do with the Romance Scam linked to me – Abdul Inusah

speaking on Accra-based GHOne Television, Abdul indicated that his indictment has nothing to do with a romance scam but rather he was indicted for money laundering.

“You will realize that there are two sides of…They’ve summarized two indictments in the publication. There is an indictment involving nine to ten people that I was not part of and that targets the romance scam and there was an indictment of which I was the only person indicted on that indictment which targets money laundering and conspiracy.”

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According to him, he has been entrepreneurial all his life as an adult and has a company that was incorporated in the United States of America in the year 2018.

“Somewhere in 2018 a student said he wanted to buy a car so I went there looked at the car and bought the car with my auction document because you cannot do that as an individual. After doing it, he drove his car from 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. I graduated from school 2019 and I left the state of West Virginia and I was not in contact with anybody so I wouldn’t have known what ended up with the car or the person who owned the car.

He is not the first student I’ve bought a car for. Off my head, I’ve bought a car for 7 students. He is not the first and International students buy auction cars which can be repaired for cheap and have a decent car to drive. Anybody who comes to me to buy a car, I ask questions and if my questions are answered to my understanding I will go ahead to buy the car,” he said on Gh One TV.

On the $2000 Zelle transfer, Inusah indicated that it was not fraud but rather his girlfriend then gave him permission to transfer money from her account to his account; something she has testified to in court.

He indicated that he was charged with seven counts but three of the charges were dropped by the jury whiles four of the charges still hold

“For those charges that I was found guilty the sentencing guidelines box them together as one because they are dependent on each other. Even if I would be sentenced it will be a 12 to 24 months sentence.

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