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“I got married to my husband because of his big cassava but now it is choking me”– Nigerian Lady cries out



A lady has taken to social media to share her innermost predicament concerning her marriage.

In the post she shared, the anonymous woman said she decided to marry a man with a big cassava because when her parents were alive, her mother always quarreled with her father for not satisfying her  and even threatened to divorce him.

However, she has reached a point where she cannot handle her husband’s big cassava. Her full post reads;

“My name is Chidimma.

I am from Onitsha a very popular city in Anambra state in Eastern Nigeria. I am 23 years old and currently married to a Hausa man from Adamawa state in Northern Nigeria. My parents are no more as they both died in an accident while returning Aba 5 years ago.

When my parents were alive, they always quarrelled over my dad not being man enough to satisfy my mum and I always heard my mum threatening to divorce my dad and get married to another man before the unfortunate accident took them away.

After my parent’s death, I told myself that I am going to get married to a man with manhood good enough to satisfy me so I won’t have the problems my parents had in their marriage.

I met Haruna, my husband during my service year in Adamawa and we fell in love with each other but I had no intention of getting married to him not until a day I mistakenly barged into his room without knocking and I saw him unclad.

I immediately noticed his third leg and told myself I am gonna get married to him just to keep the promise I made to myself years ago.

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It was good but I am scared because I almost lost my life during the encounter. Please readers advice me on what to do. Should I take the divorce step my mum wanted years ago?”