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Human Rights of Manhyia Hospital nurse abused – Coalition of NGOs in Health



The National Vice President of the Ghana Coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) on health Alazan Ninssaw has described the verbal assault by the Ashanti Regional Director of the NSS, Opoku Mensah towards a nurse at Manhyia Hospital as unfortunate and distasteful.

He is urging the Nurse to pursue other remedies other than an apology from the health facility and the key actor the NSS Boss.

Mr. Alex Opoku Mensah, was heard in a nine minutes audio ranting towards a nurse on duty after she called a medical Doctor back to the office to tidy up a procedure she had done earlier.

This Doctor is the daughter of the NSS Boss, who did not see reason in why her relative was called back.

He decided to verbally abuse the Nurse for calling the Doctor to come and do the right things.

Reacting to the incident, Alazan Ninssaw of the Ghana Coalition of NGOs in health is rather bemused that a public servant can stoop that low.

“After listening to the tape, either the speaker is an imposter or got his education through other means, because if you claim you are a national service regional boss,   and there is an issue you should have rather gone to the administration first than rather attacking the nurse, because we deal with institutions and structures but going as far as insulting and attacking the nurse is unfortunate”

“Medical care is team work, it is not done individually , if there was a procedural lapse, all the Doctor could have done was to even assist the Nurse get that corrected and not the action of the Doctors father, to go about insulting the Nurse” , he noted.

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He maintains the action of the NSS Boss was uncalled for and violated the human rights of the nurse.

“The action of the NSS Boss was distasteful and unfortunate. The human rights of the nurse was violated, if you claim your daughter was intimated, how then do you go to the hospital and insult a nurse as far as her academic achievements and looks” he said.

“If someone is a nurse and because you daughter had “AAs” sand a Doctor and she is not worth being in the hospital with her you go to abuse her, that is not right”, he stated

“Whether she did Arts Linguistics or whatever , she went to the Nursing training college, she passed her exams and passed the practical’s so what is the noise about what the girl did , so I think if the nurse is not satisfied with any internal resolution should take it to the next level”, he advised.

“This is a very serious case, just imagine if everybody’s father follows them to the work place can you imagine how it will look like”

“This lady was degraded to no level, I don’t know if she will be comfortable to work with that Doctor and mind you, the doctor is doing Housemanship she is not a qualified doctor yet. She is doing rotation, she is finalizing her course”, he explained

“Ghana’ system seem not to be working, from the tape he claims that he owns the country , he owns Ghana , he can do whatever he wants and nothing will happen to him this is a serious case that the health coalition will not sit and let it go like that”, he stressed.

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