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Farming is not for the poor – Teacher turned National Best Female Farmer



A trained teacher now a National Best Female farmer and the 2021 Most Enterprising Female Cocoa Farmer Mrs. Adwoa Sintim has suggested that farming at any level is no child’s play as it involves so much capital.

She tells Ultimate 106.9 FM that as much as she wishes to see more youth in farming it’s not a sector for the poor.

She maintains the agriculture sector can turn the unemployment situation in the country if the right policies and programs are put in place to take the financial burden off the youth who wish to venture into farming.

“For a cocoa farmer though the government and cocoa board will give you incentives there are other things you need to do, just imagine if I am going to the farm alone, I spend over 800 cedis from Kumasi to Sankore where my farm is and this is no joke”

“As a farmer all the farm hands are your care, so depending on the acreage of farm you have and the people you engage, their problem becomes your problem” she said.

“Farming is not for the poor. With my own experience and the kind of situations you go through I can say on authority that if you don’t have the resources you can’t make it”

Mrs. Sintim notes that any talk of the youth to enter agriculture must be backed with the right financial commitment.

“There is already stress in agric, you plant you wait for your produce to grow, pest attacks, fertilizers and more. If you are going through all these stress and the financial muscle is not there you cannot make any progress. I have seen so many young  people’s dream crush after having the enthusiasm of farming but when the financial   acking is unavailable you will abandon it”, she revealed.

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“I have seen so many people running from farming. It is not easy oooo as people make it sound, but very rewarding”. Mrs. Adwoa Sintim added.

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