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W/NR: Teacher butchers student for plucking maize from his farm (Video)



A junior High School teacher is currently in the grip of the Wassa Amenfi Police after he inflicted wounds on a student with a cutlass.

According to Kessben FM’s correspondent in the Western Region, Agyei Fram, the student together with some of his colleagues went to the farmland of their teacher which they have been working on for the teacher to pluck some maize.

After they plucked some of the maize, it got to the notice of the highly infuriated teacher who chased them away until he got one of the students known as Haruna and inflicted him with cutlass wounds.

After realizing the stupid thing he had done out of anger, the teacher quickly run to the Police to report himself to escape being lynched.

Before the irate youth of Wassa Somprey where the incident happened got to the residence of the teacher to deal with him, he had already reported himself to the police.

Haruna, the victim is currently at the hospital receiving treatment after he was nearly killed.



Source: Kessbenfmonline

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