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Arrest those who said Ghana wasn’t going to the IMF and leave the NDC activist – Franklin Cudjoe



Founding President of think tank Imani Africa Franklin Cudjoe has criticised the arrest of Kwaku Rafiki for social media comments he had made about the financial sector, saying that persons who had said that the country was not going to seek an International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout as well as persons who said there was not going to be “haircuts” should be arrested too.

Kwaku Rafiki, an activist sympathetic to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), was arrested by National Security operatives for allegedly spreading fear and panic through his posts on social media. After much engagement between Kwaku Rafiki’s lawyers and the national security and the Ghana Police Service, he was granted bail.

Reacting to the news, Franklin Cudjoe wondered who gave the order for his arrest.
“Who gave the order for Kwaku to be picked up? I have a few recommendations. Those who said we were not going to the IMF and No Haircuts on investments could be invited too. The economy is stupid,” he wrote.

Complaints about investors having the value of their investments reduced have become common on social media recently. These complaints come on the back of a promise by President Akufo-Addo that no investors will lose any value of their investments.

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