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Anytime Abiba visits Black Stars hotel we lose in major tournaments – Black Stars chief drummer



Chief drummer for the Ghana National football team, Joseph Langabel has made some damning revelations about the Black Stars after their exit from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In a Facebook video seen by Amansan Krakye, a reporter for, Joseph Langabel said a lady called Abiba who visited the Black Stars hotel to work on the players hairstyles caused the defeat against Uruguay.

Sharing much insight into his allegation of perceived bad luck associated with this supposed Abiba, Joseph Langabel said Ghana has always lost in major tournaments anytime “the lady comes around”.

The popular national football team supporter alleged among other things that he questioned the Black Stars team manager why the said lady Abiba was allowed again at the hotel in Qatar a day before the fixture with Uruguay.

‘I have been with the Black Stars for a very long time so I know what’s happening with the team. There’s this lady who mostly visits the players at the team hotel to work on their hairstyles.

“Anytime this lady called Abiba visits the players to work on their hairstyles at the team hotel she’ll be there from evening till the next morning and I’m surprised.

“In every major tournaments that we have participated from Equitorial Guinea, Egypt, Brazil and others that this lady has visited the players at the team hotel to do their hair we end up losing the next match.

“I saw her climbing up the team hotel with the Black Stars manager and Salisu in Qatar a day before our match against Uruguay so I asked the manager that why did they allow this girl to the hotel and he said some of the players wanted to do their hair.

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