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Photos of Abiba, the lady accused of always causing bad luck to Black stars according to Langabel



The former chief drummer of the national team, Joseph Langabel has boldly levelled wild allegations against the Black stars’ official hair stylist simply known as Abiba locks in a trending video that has received mixed reactions from Ghanaians.

Just as is the case with every international tournament involving the Black Stars, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is not any different story.

But this time, it is not the usual jiggling among players or remuneration but Abiba’s alleged bad luck which Langabel strongly believes is the cause of our early exit from the tournament because he envisioned the senior national team progressing to the next stage of the ongoing world cup.

In an explosive video that has surfaced on the internet, Langabel who was with the Black satrs at their camp in Doha firmly stated that this isn’t the first time Abiba’s bad luck has deprived the senior national team of advancing into the next stage of any international tournament.

He angrily made mention of 5 different instances (Brazil, Equatorial Guinea, etc) where the team were doing well until Abiba’s appearance at the camp to style the hair of the players and the aftermath was nothing more than a total disaster.

In the video, Langabel who seems to know more about the dealings of this Abiba also mentioned that he told the team manager to sack Abiba from the Black stars’ camp because of the bad luck which follows her but he rubbished his sentiments and made her sleep at the camp.

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We are all witnesses to what happened in Ghana’s last game against Uruguay which was already a done deal in the eyes of many Ghanaians even before the D-day.

Citing Langabel’s seriousness and factual comments, it seems there’s more to this story than he said on camera for reasons best known to him.