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Black Sherif is the current voice of Africa -Akon



American singer Akon has heaped praises on Black Sherif as he described the young talented rapper as a beast and a monster.

Akon in an interview with UK presenter Eddie Kadi on BBC Radio 1Xtra stated emphatically that he is a huge fan of Black Sherif because of his unrivaled talent.

According to him, hearing Black Sherif’s voice on a song for the first time made him know how monstrous of a talent young chap is and how ready he is to take the world by storm since his songs are real and not fiction.

Akon added that the Empire signee is the voice of the youth in Africa and that he will take him and nurture him if he is not heard by the world.

“I’m a huge fan of Black Sherif right now… maybe ’cause he just reminded me of the energy of myself when I came out. When I see him, and I remember that first record bro, I was in New York City when a friend of mine named Baki from Mali played me the song, I said, Yo who the fvck is that ?

“Bro you can hear in his voice, like you can feel the pain, you feel the struggle, You hear the challenges but you can just hear a ghetto kid just wanting to get out.. Like it’s just the way he says it, like you know is real, it’s not nothing thats fabricated, You feel that especially if you been that, understand ?

“And he’s just one of those like, I was like, wow this kid is going to be something stupid and if no major picks him up, they need to get to  him before I do…I promise. He’s a beast..that boy right there is a monster. Nah he is the voice to me, he’s the voice of the youth in Africa — Akon said.

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