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My Hairstyle Is Inspired By Ghana’s Inability To Progress – Kubolor



After 65 years of independence, Ghana has regressed rather than advanced, according to Wanlov the Kubolor, who has criticized the government for what he calls inadequate economic management.

The musician, whose lengthy dreadlocks were formerly popular, made the decision to cut them short and just keep the one lock in the middle of his head. Many people have questioned what inspired his appearance.

The “failed” country served as inspiration for Wanlov’s haircut; he is well renowned for his “strange” sense of style.

Wanlov made fun of Ghana’s present predicament, which has seen residents urge for action and propose measures to revive the economy, in a submission to CTV with Larry Bozzlz

“I feel like this is a representation of Ghana…backwards plenty (pointing to his longest dreadlock). That is the hairstyle, forward small, backward plenty.”

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