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I Regret Leaving My First Husband, My Second Marriage Showed me “Pepper” – Maame Dokono



Madam Grace Omaboe, also known as Maame Dokono, a veteran Ghanaian actress, revealed her biggest regret to Delay. She says she regrets divorcing her first marriage. stating that she was too young to understand his compassion.

More people are reposting an old video of the actress explaining her previous marriages in the hopes that her message will be heard by many others.

“I’ve been married twice, but the last one was quite difficult for me. I always say to Delay that if I had known how my second marriage would have turned out, Maame Dokono would have stayed with her first husband.

Maame Dokono stated that she felt pressured to leave a wonderful man because of her disagreements with her first husband’s family and her ignorance. She disclosed that despite being married to someone else, they have kept up a friendly connection in which he helps her out when she needs it.

She claimed that, although her second husband arrived with all the frivolous things, he did not treat her well.

“I always say that if I had known then what I know now about marriage, I wouldn’t have left him.””I want to dedicate my life to helping underprivileged women and children after ending these two marriages,” she said.

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