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I’m proud I voted for John Mahama and I will do same in 2024 – Bridget Otoo



Media personality Bridget Otoo has recalled how she proudly voted for former president John Mahama in 2020 elections.

In a Tweet on Thursday she said,

“Yes I’m proud I voted for @JDMahama and will do it again in 2024”

In another Tweet she said the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, does not merit commendation, according to broadcast journalist Bridget Otoo.

She claims that the president has made the country’s situation worse than how he arrived at it.

Bridget Otoo used the example of petrol, claiming that the president arrived to meet it at 4 cedis per liter and raised the price to 23 cedis.

The outspoken journalist made the argument that the price declines are negligible in comparison to the increase in response to pro-government social media activists criticizing detractors for failing to praise the administration for price reductions.

She has promised to back the president and his administration if fuel prices return to where they were when he took office in 2017.

Taking to twitter, she wrote:

Petrol went from 4 cedis a liter to 23 cedis and you want us to praise @NAkufoAddo because it has dropped to 18+ cedis. It is still 81 cedis a gallon! When it drops to 20 Cedis a gallon, I would campaign for him.


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