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“I’m greater than those insulting me”- Yaw Dabo reacts to mockery



Yaw Dabo, appearing on Accra 100.5 FM’s mid-morning show ‘Ayekoo Ayekoo’ has decried the abuse he and others are subjected to, especially on social media, for their unconventional physical structure and features.

Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo is a Ghanaian actor and comic, popular for his work with the Kumawood movie industry.

“God had a reason for creating me the way I am,” he said to host Nana Romeo.

“Who knows? It’s possible I wouldn’t have become who I am if I were made with your stature,” he reasoned. “But God making me this way, I [ironically] tower over you.”

“You insulting me [because of my lack of regular height], it’s possible, I’m greater than you,” he stressed.

“Were I in your family, it’s possible that at my mere ask, you’d hasten to run errands. You’d handle affairs for funerals [and other occasions] at my beck and call,” Mr Dabo seemed incensed but composed.

Wagging his right index finger, and with a stern face, he warned: “I always tell people that if you are looking down on someone or insulting them, take a good look at who you are before you do that.”

“Personally, I am mindful of what I say because of what the Bible says; your mouth can lead you into great trouble,” the comic nicknamed Adwen Kessie (Big Mind) shared. “You can say something derogatory to someone and eventually struggle to even get an audience with him or her to say sorry.”

“Let’s be mindful of the words that fall out of our mouth,” the movie star entreated.

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Yaw Dabo, since mid-year, has come under heavy criticism for saying the current economic hardship is not unique to Ghana but is widespread around the world.