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“The reason why I tied my best friend’s womb to become barren”- Young lady confesses



Lady opens up on how she destroys best friend’s marriage out of jealousy
A lady has made a shocking revelation about how she destroyed her best friend’s marriage out of jealousy.

In a video shared online, the young lady revealed that she tied her childhood friend’s womb to become barren.

Narrating reasons for her actions, she revealed that her friend, Adobia, pushed her into getting pregnant for a man she introduced her to.

Then, things went really bad for the young lady as Adobia neglected and disregarded after she got pregnant.

After some years, her friend became very rich, being a businesswoman and having potential husband.

In her words; “We have been friend since childhood, we went to the same school together until Adobia had a boyfriend and I don’t have one but since we promised to marry the same day, I need a boyfriend.”

“Then, she introduced her boyfriend’s friend to me. Along the line, she asked me if I was intimate with my new boyfriend. She motivated me into giving myself up to my boyfriend. Unfortunately, I got pregnant. Then, Adobia neglected and disregarded me.”

“Since she saw my bad conditions and making different promises to each other. I got angry and went to a traditionalist after Adobia told her about her success story; having a big shop, rich husband and more fulfilled life.”

“I told the herbalist to make her calm down to my levels as we’ve always promised ourselves. Now she is jobless, she has no shop to brag about and her husband left her for another lady.”

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Social media users expressed their thoughts as they took to the comment section. Watch the video HERE

Some reactions are shown below:

ash_oratile said, “Why couldn’t she use the jazz to elevate herself rather than bringing her friend down? 🤒🤦🏾‍♀️”.

dupsycandy03 said, “Oh Lord I bind everything spirit of jealousy that might want me to wish anybody bad in Jesus name.”

qwamejnr1 said, “God will punish u, no explanation u give will make u a good person,for all you know your friend will also tell a different story, what do u mean by we made ourselves promises? This is pure jealousy and enviness”.

dabossgirlie said, “God forbid. Every unfriendly friend in my life and ur life may the lord expose them today in Jesus name🙏”.

dozieedezuno said, “But how on earth me and my friend will be promising each other such thing”.

nimi___nelson21 said, “See as I open mouth😮😮😮omo I no Dey give anybody money for hand again na transfer ehh