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How this Ghanaian pastor accurately predicted Morocco vs Portugal scores a day before the match



Leader and General Overseer of ‘His Wisdom and Power Arena’, Apostle Lawson Kt David has been the latest trend on social media especially on Facebook after his prediction on Morocco vs Portugal match came to pass.

The man of God predicted a one goal to nil win in favor of Morocco.

He made the prediction on 9th December, in a Facebook that read;

“I had a dream, Morocco won by a lone goal, qualifying for the semis, the goal came quite early in the game.

Morocco knocked out Portugal on saturday by scoring one goal to become a first African to have ever made it to semifinals in FIFA World Cup history.

The Atlas Lions of Morocco chased Cristiano Ronaldo and his À Seleção colleagues from Qatar as they become the first Africa-Arab nations to reach the last four in the history of FIFA World Cup tournament.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal poured on the pressure, but could not find a way through. In the end, heart won over pedigree as Youssef En-Nesyri’s goal was enough to send Morocco through by a 1-0 scoreline.

Apostle Lawson also released a number of prophecies on 1st January, 2022 and many have come to pass.

Check out the full list of prophecies he released on 1st January for the year 2022 below;

“1. Pray for the Supreme Court of Ghana, I see deaths hit the judges, sickness and stroke
2. Pray for the Ken Ofori Atta, his health is deteriorating this year, the Lord should have mercy on him.
3. Pray for Nana Addo Danquah, let us pray against stress and its consequences.
4. Youth uprising in Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia.
5. Paul Biya since you won’t resign to see Cameron prosper, I saw a dagger with your name on it, is entering your heart and you will be no more. If the Lord has mercy on you, you would be overthrown and live some five years, then die.
6. Confusion in Parliament to continue, Joe Owusu must amend his ways, majority and minority must engage.
7. Poverty and squalor to increase in the year, prosperity is tied to self employment.
8. School calendar to be distorted
9. The oil basin in The VR should become a strategic reserve if exploited. More in the Western Cape Three Point. Ghana Ivory Coast to quarrel again over oil.
10. Burkina Faso, so much turmoil, it would seem like the rebels will win the soul of the nation.
11. Poultry farming should be the next cocoa for the next three years.
12. Ministry father, ministry father, on his way out.
13. Ghana would be broke, continue to be broke, default in its statutory and obligatory payments.
14. Strong policy decisions would be taken and pride swallowed up
15. Free SHS would change its complexion.
16. Teacher Training Colleges would be closed down for while if govt becomes transigient
17. Demonic forces from the sea are planning to plague this nation with immorality, strange diseases and wickedness.
18. Parliament, Asin, Parliament, Asin, bye Election. What is happening and there is wailing? Pray.
19. Pray for Dr. Bawumia, pray for his health, and political future.
20. Let us pray for rains, the coming of the rains must be a sign of washing of our nation.
21. Too much disruptions in communication network this year, pray.
22. Scholarships have been released for the year.
23. New musical talents with new genre of music are springing up.
24. Invest in business, export and import of food, yam, fresh vegetables.
25. Football year, disaster.
26. Properties would be bought cheaply this year. Is a good year to save, improve your life and plan well.
27. Witches are going to be giving a field day on the road, pray always as you journey.
28. Ashanti region, revolt against lawful authority.
29. Togbe Afede is too big to be maligned by the media, you won’t succeed.
30. Journalist, rampart death unless fervent prayer.
31. Scandales Scandales, the minister that wears white, needs prayer to avoid being dragged to a parliamentary committee of inquiry.
32. Nigeria and political instability.
33. The north will be boiling with pockets of conflicts.
33. Young people would continue to die, mental health cases, kidney and other renal diseases to increase. Govt must focus on it.
34. E-levy would go through but it would be resisted, if reason prevails, it should be recall.
35. Invest in lands, gold and copper. The price of copper could increase over 40 percent this year into next year.
36. Ghana is gathering in Ashanti region to say good by to a man who did quite well. The national flag would fly at half mast.
37. Let the NPP not use the back door to choose Dr Bawumia, that would be chaotic to the party, fairness is the key, play it safe, he will still rise up, national appeal is his nemesis numero une.
38. Ritual murder would be minimal this year, is arranged murders that would increase but as we pray, the syndicate would be apprehended early.
39. Prosperity for you and your family, if you learn how to live in gorshen.
May the Lord grant us the heart of fighters so we rise and do warfare.”

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