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Ronaldo made Portugal famous; unlike Messi, Argentina made him famous – Ronaldo fans troll Messi



Brazil made Ronaldinho famous, Brazil made Neymar famous, Argentina made Messi famous, Argentina made Dybala famous, Netherlands made Gakpo famous, Uruguay made Suarez famous

But, there is Cristiano Ronaldo who made Portugal famous in world football like Pelé did for Brazil. He is a Portuguese Pele and Maradona both at once in terms of glorifying the nation.

There were hand-countable fans of Portugal before Cristiano’s era and now millions of people watch Portugal fans. He made his haters watch his game. See what fan followings did Portugal have before Ronaldo and after Ronaldo, difference of millions. And, see the fans of Argentina before Messi and after Messi, you won’t even notice a difference in the Argentinian fan base.

But the fanbase of Argentina, Brazil or Italy or Netherlands remained the same during and after their famous player’s era. The era creator doesn’t need to win a title to be the greatest of all time.

The comparison of Messi and Ronaldo in international football is just absurd and irrelevant. Cristiano paved the path for himself while Messi had it granted.

Before Cristiano Portugal was just like the mediocre team of Europe. Before him Portugal just qualified for 3 world cups. But after him, Portugal qualified for 5 successive world cups. Even with the average squad of Portugal he won the Euro cup.

For those who say he didn’t play the final, go and check the game against Wales. Now, go and see where the players of 2016 played at that time and where they play now, if they play. Cristiano winning the Euro with a squad and coach like Fernando Santos is like playing against oneself and still winning.

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And a 20 year old kid is barking on the internet that the GOAT debate is over, it was not even started, kid.


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