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Meet 67-year old man with 103 children, 12 wives and 568 grandchildren crying of hardship



A Ugandan farmer with 12 wives, Musa Hasahya, has revealed that he is no longer opposed to his wives using contraceptives to stop the growth of his family.

According to UK’s Daily Star, Hasahya, is feeling the bite of rising cost of living in Bugisa, Uganda, where he lives with his large family.

Hasahya, 67, said, “I cannot tolerate bearing children any more because of the limited resources. And on that note I have advised all my wives of childbearing age to go for family planning. I also discourage those who wish to marry more than four wives not to do so because things are not good.”

He added, “My income has become lower and lower over the years due to the rising cost of living and my family has become bigger and bigger.”

Musa, who also has 568 grandchildren, lives in a compound with a 12-bedroom house. He married his first wife Hanifa in 1971 at the age of 16.

He says while he can tell his children and grandchildren apart, he does not know them all by name.

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