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Arrogant Ofosu Ampofo lost because he refused to follow my prophetic directions – Prophet Razak defends failed prophecy



Prophet Razak, the leader and founder of Jesus Kingdom prayer ministry earlier claimed the Lord told him that honourable Samuel Ofosu Ampofo would win the NDC chairmanship race.

The man of God claimed God God had chosen him to crown Samuel Ofosu Ampofo as the chairman of the opposition party NDC.

Unfortunately the prophecies of the man of God didn’t see the light of the day as Asiedu Nketiah emerged as the winner of the contest with a huge margin.

Mr Razak has come out to defend his failed prophecies.

According to the pastor, former chairman Ofosu Ampofo arrogantly refused to follow his prophetic directions he gave him.

See full statement by the prophet;

Chairman Ofosu Ampofo lost because he is very very arrogant also a coward who doesn’t listen to advise and he failed to do what I directed him to do .

I sought them late, three days to the elections and was revealed that videos of me circulating that general would win and I told them yes Asiedu Nketia would win but they encouraged me to pray for chairman Ampofo and I did that because I am a prophet for all.

But the fact is that I had to meet chairman personally for certain spiritual exercise and directions but it didn’t happen because chairman was busy ,again he couldn’t fulfil even one of the spiritual exercises I gave, though I said in the viral videos that he has brought the NDC into a curse as a chairman by leading the NDC to slaughter a sheep to the overlord of Akyem to appease their gods through Kwame Zu’s issue between him and Okyehene

And when they left the blood of the slaughtered sheep was used to curse the NDC party and Chairman Ampofo led that, but he needs to do some spiritual exercise two weeks before the election otherwise Ofosu Ampofo will lose which they are aware,finally I retrieved all my prayers from him spiritually.So chairman Ofosu Ampofo lost because he is very very arrogant,a coward who fails to be directed and they didn’t do what I asked them to do.

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