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2023 Salary Negotiation Update



The labour unions commenced negotiations with the government for an increased in salary base pay. Several meetings have been held but a consensus has not been reach as the Labour Unions are demanding about 50-60% of base pay increase whiles the government is offering 15% increase in base pay in addition to the already 15% Cost of Living Allowances(COLA) introduced making it 30%.

This offer from the government did not go down well with the Labour Unions as they claim inflation stood over 50%. Government later increased it’s offer from 15% to 18% but Labour Unions still remained firm with the justification of high inflation on essential goods and services.

A meeting was held today, Tuesday 10th of January 2023 to continue the base pay negotiations for 2023 and this is the outcome :
Government added 3% to it’s previous proposal of 18% bringing the increment to 21% edging organised labour to accept the 21% so that COLA(15%) will not be removed and that makes the total increment 36%.

But organize labour requested for 36% direct increment without the COLA, arguing that the COLA can be taken off at anytime leaving workers with 21%.

Hence the meeting has been adjourned to tomorrow for a hopeful Verdict.

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