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I Wanted to Tell You You’re Ugly The Last Time I Met You- Big Akwes Told



Kumawood actor cum presenter, Big Akwes has cheapened himself for the everyday Ghanaians to mock and insult him.

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Big Akwes earlier admitted that he has a kankpe face and heaped praises on women who gather the courage to sleep with him.

Following the video, netizens have reacted.

Whilst many are praising him for saying the truth, others on the other hand are pulling his legs as though he has committed a crime.

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Watch the video below:

Check out some reactions from netizens

Samuel05534: “God bless you for speaking the truth”

DoctaDwayne: “Which kind hairstyle bi this”

NANA KWAME P4: “Now u recognized that??? Please those saying U r handsome please tell a bro man the Gospel bitter truth ???”

Mickbrainz?: “I wanted to tell u the last I saw u oooooo?”

Emmanuelcudjoe12: “u are very handsome u have to accept that”

Wramie: “??????it’s good you’ve seen it yourself”

NhanarQwheci: “Some girls get capa ooo ????”

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