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I Enjoy Sleeping with Old Women- Kweku Darlington



Song writer, Kweku Darlington has shockingly revealed that he enjoys sleeping with women who are older than he is.

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The “Sika Aba Fie” hitmaker has said that being in relationship with young girls are so stressful that it can let one lose their focus. ‘Dating a younger person comes with a lot of stress because you will go through all kinds of disruptions that could affect your career’, he said.

“For the older women, all they want is enjoyment, and I am someone who loves to enjoy a lot, so I see them as a perfect fit’, Kweku Darlington talked about the advantages of being in relationship with old women.

Meanwhile, he said that despite the fact that he enjoys sleeping with old women, he is still single and searching for the right person.

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“For now, I am single and I am still searching. I don’t want to rush into it yet, but at the right time, you all get to know,” he concluded.


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