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A Couple Receives a bundle of fire wood as a gift on their wedding day



A hilarious video has been trending on social media showing how a man happily gifts a couple a bundle of fire wood on their wedding day.

It is observed that the man Joyously gifts the couple the bundle of fire wood with joy and it is equally received with joy by the couple as evidenced the the unending smiles on their faces.

Some social media users who came across the video express their dislike for that act by the wedding guest and explains that firewood symbolize bad luck and it implies the couple will suffer financial constraints in the whole of their life.

They argue that they would have rejected the gift because the man has evil intentions against the couple.

Other Users defend the wedding guest that he present what he had and even add that Peter in the Bible said “Such as I have I give unto you”. One among the defense argue that could be normal in their cultural setting.

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