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“Imagine Covid-19 Under Mahama?” – NPP Communications Director Quizzes [Read Full Article]



The Communication Director of the NPP, Mr. Richard Ahiagbah has stated that things would have been worse if the corona virus pandemic emerged during the leadership tenure of the former President John Dramani Mahama.

According to the NPP bigwig, the NPP has done a great job when it comes to handling matters relating to economic development under conditions surrounded by Covid-19 amongst many other global challenges.

In response to a recent comment concerning the inappropriate handling of the Ghanaian economy by the NPP, the NPP associate said Nana Addo has done a great job managing the economy amidst these trying times.

Concluding on his assertion, he posed a rhetorical question asking if Ghanaians could imagine the sudden outbreak of the corona virus pandemic under Mahama’s tenure of leadership.

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