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Suspend Debt Exchange Program – Christian Council Cr!£s Out [Read Full Article For Reason]



The Ghana Christian Council has requested for the suspension of the debt exchange program that was announced by the state a few days ago.

In a recent disclosure made by the General Secretary of Ghana Christian Council, Rev. Dr. Cyril Fayose, he made it clear that the program will jeopardize the financial affairs of church members and adversely affect the issue of tithing and offering.

In addition to this, Rev. Fayose entreated the government to adapt to modern measures that will help salvage the issue of economic downturn rather than resorting to the debt exchange program.

He reiterated that, citizens of Ghana are also troubled by the dangers posed by the debt exchange program because it poses threats to the investment of Ghanaians since some of these natives depend on interests generated on investment to survive.

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