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Shatta Wale calls IGP to arrest Kwadwo Sheldon after he called him ‘confused and inconsistent’ Artiste



Ghana dancehall king, Shatta Wale has called for an arrest of Kwadwo Sheldon after tagging him as a “confused and inconsistent artiste” in his post.

Yesterday, Kwadwo Sheldon posted a video of Shatta Wale talking about Sarkodie and Samini’s “feature request” saga.

Shatta Wale earlier noted on Facebook Live that Sarkodie should respect Samini’s name because he is one of the pioneers in the Ghana Music Industry who paved the way for them to enjoy today

According to him, King Sarkodie once looked up to Samini for his great impact in becoming a legend, and the rapper owes him that respect despite their differences.

This prompted content creator Kwadwo Sheldon to post an edited video of Shatta Wale on twitter, speaking in favour of Samini while also dissing him, with the caption; “ An Embodiment of Inconsistency “


With this, the African dancehall king vented his rage on the YouTuber, tagging the IGP and requesting Ghana police to arrest him.

“As for people like kwadwo Sheldon  dierrr social media go make you go jail p333 …am looking forward to that paaaa…. Because u still have guts to talk to me anyhow you want .Ghana is watching and when I strike hard somebody go talk say I fuck up .. IGP I hope u r watching !!!”.

“Ghana police what this boy is doing on the internet is called Cyber bully and if you pretend not to see this one too then I will beat him properly so I can be arrested .. GHANA POLICE KWADZO SHELDON IS DISTURBING MY PEACE … AYOOO

“I don’t want to disrespect anybody in this country but ppl have disrespected me for putting them in their right places .. But they will call mine disrespect !! SMH !!! GHANA POLICE I HOPE YOU ARE READING ..He has been doing this for years !! 

“Keep posting my things like you have the right to and the law go get you soon , I will not be a fool to follow your foolishness but I will show you I know street and I know law ..Ghana police if you pretend you not seeing this but you can see pastors prophecies then ese muara

“I rest my case and I live the rest to Ghana Police… Kwadwo Sheldon watch my movie !!  You think this is a joke right … IGP I JUST HOPE U R WATCHING !!  Enough is enough GHANA POLICE CYBER CRIME UNIT !!! — Shatta Wale tweeted.

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