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Osofo Kyiri Abosom divorces wife, this is what happened



Osofo Kyiri Abosom Founder of Ghana Union Movement party, Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrew has disclosed that his wife has left him because of infidelity.

“My wife has left and for over a year now, we do not see her in church. She says she has a problem with me having a daughter out of our marriage. She has sued me but the court said since we did not marry there, they cannot handle it.

She has sued me in several courts claiming my properties. She also wants to take custody of the children. She asked the court to sack all my maids so I’ve sacked them. When you meet your gossiping friends and they complain about your Pastor’s wife, tell them they are no longer married,” he told his congregation.

He advised his congregation to be focused on why they are in Church in order to grow in their faith and not to look at his marriage and his shortfalls as an individual.

“You are here because of me and not because of my marriage. Stop gossiping and focus on why you came here. When God called me, my wife wasn’t part of the call, the power given to me is from God and not my wife. God called me and I’m doing my work. If she says she is leaving, she can leave. There are a number of beautiful ladies here and I f I need your support, I will let you come and help me,” he said.

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