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4 Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift



Spiritual gifts are often innate abilities that need to developes in order to get full actualization of it.

Most people often get a strong feeling of doing something at a particular time but have no idea what the feelings they get actually mean.

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some signs which indicate you or someone may possess a spiritual gifts.

1. Strong Sense Of Intuition

The first sign is heightened intuition. An individual who has a high level of self-consciousness may tend to possess a spiritual gift because it is most likely his innate abilities are strongly aligned with whatever he thinks or believes is about to happen.

2. Interrupted Sleep

The second is constant sleeplessness between the hours of 03:00 to 04:00am. This particular time is considered a very magical period where spiritual forces are at their strongest influence.

Since people with spìrìtual gifts tend to align more with spiritual beings, their sleep are often disrupted at this time because divine forces often seek their attention at this hour of the day.

3. Vivid Dreams

The third sign is vivid dreams. People who have spiritual gifts often have dreams that tend to happen exactly as they were seen in their dreams. In light of this fact, people with spiritual gifts often feel somehow surprised whenever their dreams manifest in real life.

4. Frequent Wierd Dreams

The fourth sign is frequent wierd dreams. Though people with spìrìtual gifts have vivid dreams, some of them appear wierd and are often difficult to comprehend.

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However, these types of individuals tend find interpretations to their dreams as time goes on because the cycle of life points out meaning to dreams they couldn’t understand.

If you’ve had this experience once in your lifetime or more, then it’s safe to say you possess a spiritual gift.

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