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Film Producers Association of Ghana React To Yaw Dabo’s ‘Only Lazy People Watch Movie’ Comment



On behalf of Ghanaian actor Yaw Dabo, the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) has issued an apology for a recent comment he made.

The actor claimed in an interview that only slothful individuals watch movies for extended periods of time.

“In the direction, the world is heading, money is everything.” “So anyone who will sit still for an hour to watch a movie is lazy,” he claimed in an interview with radio host Saddick Adams.

After making the comment, he faced a lot of criticism. Some have claimed that an actor’s insulting those who watch his movies to help him make a living by saying such is wrong. His remark may cause the Ghanaian film industry, which is popular among many people, to decline.

Yaw’s comment was labeled as “extremely unpleasant, disrespectful, and insulting” by the organization in a press release written by James Aboagye, the president of FIPAG.

According to them, “such conduct or attitude is an insult to the film business and should not be encouraged and entertained by any decent person.”

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