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How I Slept With All The Ladies In My Church’s Praises And Worship Team – Young Man Confesses, This Is How He did it



A young man from Nakuru named Simon has shared his ordeal having to sleep with all the ladies in his church’s praises and worship team.

According to the man, he has laid to bed all the ladies in his church’s praises and worship team and after a week, he was able to replace them again after being born again.

Adding to this, he said in a poverty striken family and after completing his secondary education in Nakuru, he moved Thika and worked in a construction company to make ends meet.

Furthermore, he eventually joined a church and after serving for a year, he was offered the chance to be the youth of the church.

He reiterated that, he began sleeping with ladies of the church upon several temptations and that was how he ended up sleeping with all the ladies who were part of his church’s praises and worship team.

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