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I’ll rather use my money to help the poor than buy expensive shoes – Wode Maya replies critics



Celebrated Ghanaian Youtuber and philanthropist, Wade Maya has finally fired back at critics who mock and ridicule him for attending important events with bathroom slippers.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on TV3 New Day, Wode Maya slammed her critics and told them to focus on his contributions to society instead of how he dresses.

Wode Maya mentioned that he is doing his part to promote the country, but people concentrate on this appearance.

According to Wode Maya, instead of spending huge sums of money on expensive shoes, he’ll rather use that money to help the poor and less privileged in society.

The YouTuber revealed for the first time that he takes care of over 100 students with some in tertiary institutions.

I have over 100 people in Kumasi that are going for free education because of me. I have university students for that I pay their fees. I paid a lot of school fees in January.

“I do things that really matter. It’s not about physical appearance. People are telling me that I’m wearing slippers. Even when i was in the village, I never had slippers.”

Additionally, Wode Maya narrated an incident that reinforced his decision to dress down. He had the opportunity to meet a millionaire for the first time during his stay in China.

Unfortunately, bypassed the rich man at the gate because he was dressed casually in a shirt and shorts. Instead, he went inside to fawn over his employees (managers) because they were decked in suits.

“I don’t want to look rich. I want to create wealth. I want to impact people’s lives. You can talk as much as you want, but I’m just doing my thing. I’m not seeing anyone,” he concluded.


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