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Taking care of wife puts you in charge, gives you control



According to Stonebwoy spending on your woman gives you control and puts you in charge of the relationship as a man.

This, the ‘Therapy’ hitmaker says, is not immediately a problem in and of itself until it is abused.

Stonebwoy, born Livingstone Etse Satekla, said to the team on the New York City-based Breakfast Club radio programme.

DJ Envy broached the topic of African men being notorious for spoiling their women.

“I think it’s part of our culture and upbringing,” Stonebwoy said beaming. “You need to be the man of the house. You need to take care of the home so, that translates into how we deal with our women as well.”

“Honestly speaking, that’s where I know it stems from,” he nodded while reflecting. “And that gives you a certain amount of control.”

He quickly added: “Not in a bad way.”

Nene Leaks, a guest-host, took issue with the concept of control.

Stonebwoy responded by saying taking care of your woman “gives you a certain amount of control” but not always in a bad way. “I’m just being honest across boards,” he mimicked the globe with his hands.

“Different people do things for different reasons,” he commented on the abuse of control.

“As much as some men would want to be taking care of you so they can keep you and have you and be with you and…” he hesitated in agreeing to Ms Leaks that he was insinuating controlling women.

“They [men] need to be in charge, that’s how I would say, it is because that’s how a man has to be as far as I know,” he finally found the right words, it seemed. “It’s not about the women being dull [supressed] or anything but we [African men especially] love to have women who are like respectful, submissive, supportive, and they consult you [on issues] and they treat you [with respect].”

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“It’s [a] general [reality that] men like to be respected so I think that’s just how it is for African men,” the Bhim Nation president smiled.

“I think it’s very cool to be submissive,” he responded when he was asked to explain submission.

Confessing he is “attracted to” and “I respect” women who are submissive, he clarified that submission is not “that you’re being abused. No! None of that but there’s beauty in that for me.”

“You being a woman, if you’re over the top, I see you as another man,” he had the Breakfast Club team laughing and in reflection all at once. The multiple award-winning performer stressed that he chooses to keep his distance from such people.

Charlamagne posited submission is reciprocal.

“Definitely,” Stonebwoy, alias 1Gad, answered. “Submission from a man, I think, is showing love.”

He argued a man’s submission, from the African perspective, is “taking care of, listening to the woman’s problems,” giving ear and “attention” to her challenges, wants and dreams.

“Women love attention and men have to see them humble and submissive,” he went on.

Gearing up to release his fifth studio album, he shared that his grandfather had seven wives and his father had “almost two.”

“I cannot handle more than one wife,” he said matter-of-factly when he was asked if he wanted to go as his forebears. “I have one wife, and I have two kids, and I’m done.”