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I’m now 39 without marriage, kids or relationship, I feel like leaving this world – Woman cries



A woman has wept about getting older while she hasn’t settled down and started a family.
At age 39, she said she feels like dying whenever she realizes she is still not married like her peers or even in a relationship.

This upset woman feels that by not getting married yet, she has failed to live up to the expectations she had for herself and where she had come from.

She claims that the disappointment she feels as a woman who society expects a lot from at her age is eating away at her.

In a TikTok video, the woman who was obviously shedding tears deemed herself a failure who has not been able to attract a suitor, let alone think of walking her down the aisle.

She believes the time is no longer on her side considering the extremes of being a woman at her age and the hormonal changes she is experiencing, which could possibly bar her from making babies and owning a home.

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