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1st-Class Student Burns Her University Certificate For Being Jobless After 4 Years Of Completion



A 1st-class student burns her university certificate for being jobless for 4 years after completing school.

A woman from Malawi named Bridget Thapwile Soko, who graduated from university with a degree in business administration four years ago, recently burnt in public her university diploma.

After graduating from college four years ago, Bridget is still without a job. Therefore, in her mind, the credential she earned during her time there is now completely pointless.

In a live video posted to TikTok, the young woman sang and made fun of those who had not extended employment prospects to her or even invited her for interviews.

According to what Bridget suggests in the video, even her marriage certificate is more important than her university diploma, so she doesn’t see any problem with burning her university certificate.

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