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My Lecturer Has Thrêatêñed To Le@k My S.êxt@pe If I Refuse To Perform Our Fifth Abørt!õn – Ghanaian Female Student Criês Out, Checkout Her Story



A 24-year-old student who is currently enrolled in one of the college of education in Ghana has come out to narrate a story about how a lecturer she has four different abōrt!øñs for is thre@tên!ng to leak her s.€xt@pe if she fails to ab0rt their ch!ld for the fifth time.

According to the lady in question, she has already done four different abõrt!øns for the man and if she continues performing several abørt!øns for him anymore.

However, the lecturer has promised to expose her by le@k!ng some of their s.êxt@pes if she refuses to ab0rt their fifth child and decides to give birth.

Per the thrê@ts given by the lecturer, he doesn’t want her to give birth for the sake of his marriage and reputation as a lecturer in the school she is enrolled in.

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