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My Wife And I Were N@ked When Everything Happened – Turkey Earthqu@ke Survivors Narrate Experience, Checkout Their Story



A Turkish-based Nigerian man who managed to survive the recent earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria has narrated his experience and how he and his family managed to escape from the dreaded situation.

According to the man named Emmanuel Olaitan Johnson, he was n@ked with his wife when he realized there were cracks on the walls hence he informed his wife and they went out of the building completely with their children.

He added that, they took the risk to leave the house n@ked, without caring about what their neighbors would think about them because at that time, the only they cared about was their lives.

Furthermore, he stated that upon leaving the building in fear, he went back to pick some valuable items like documents, dresses and shoes before fleeing with his family to an isolated location before the disaster occurred.

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