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Sad: CCTV Footage Showing How Rapper AKA Was K!ll€d Drops Online (Watch Video)



The talented South African rapper was confirmed d€@d after the police reported that he had been günn€d down on the Florida road in Durban, a city in South Africa.

According to suggested reports gathered by, the rapper was shøt six times outside a nightlife avenue in the aforementioned location where the incident happened.

The elimination of Kiernan AKA Forbes happens to be the most recent tr@gedy to hit South Africa and it’s long struggled has been accompanied by an alarming surge in crime rate within the country.

A recent CCTV footage identified from the crime scene shows the rapper was identified hugging an unnamed personality outside a restaurant with a g@ng of makes surrounding him at the said location.

In the next footage, there was a clear depiction of a guy att@ck!ng the crowd, f!r!ng the rapper with a güñ at close range.

Afterwards, the perpetrator was seen bolting away from the scene as AKA fell to the ground with bl00d ooz!ng from the güñ$h0t wøüñd created by the f!r€ amüñ!t!øñ.

It has been reported that the “Lemonade” hitmaker was confirmed d€@d at the spot, alongside Thapelo Motsoane.

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