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Meet Kobby Fresh, The Date Rush Contestant Who Came To P!$$ Of All The Ladies With Excessive Brãgg!ñg



In the ninth episode of the eighth date rush season, a guy named Coby flow came on stage to find a date and it nearly ended in tears if not for the intervention of some of the female contestants.

During the early stages of the contest, he was identified sharing some gifts to the ladies at the show and that act of kindness caught the attention of almost all the contestants.

Suddenly, he became a cynosure on the show after he started bragging about how much money he has and the fact that his parents stay outside the country.

This got most of the female contestants p!$$€d off, leaving them with no option than to turn their rushes off.

Surprisingly, after apologizing for his actions, he finally got Regina to take home and that how his disappointing experience on the show suddenly saw a turnaround.

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