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Atsu and Agogo died prematurely because they ignored the Volta gods to follow Ajagurajah – Ewe woman



An Ewe woman has spoken out her displeasure on Ewes in a viral video after the death of Christian Atsu

The woman was seen in the viral video blaming Christian Atsu for causing his own death before his time.

According to her, the former New Castle player ignored the gods of the Ewe land and followed prophets such as Ajagurajah, among others, which was the reason he died before his time.

The self-proclaimed Ewe goddess continued, “gods like Klikor, Zagbetor, and other gods in the Volta region have been the shield and protecting the lives of Ewes people,” but Atsu forgot them after becoming famous.

She went further and blamed other celebrities, including Ex-Ghana striker and late Junior Agogo, for forgetting their roots and sending their lives to an early grave.

Watch the video below ;

Meanwhile, Christian Atsu and Agogo both represented and played for the Ghana National Team. The winger died in Turkey in February 18 as a result of the country’s massive earthquake, while Junior Agogo died on August 22, 2019 in the United Kingdom after years of battling stroke.


Source: hellovibes,com

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