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Checkout The First Car That Came To Ghana And Its Price



Cars have become very common in Ghana nowadays basically because its price has suddenly become low and affordable for each and every individual to buy.

Gone are the days when cars used to be very scarce and difficult to buy because the lack of availability for access and purchase.

Have you ever wondered cars actually became common in Ghana a and which year cars actually began operations in Ghana?

If you haven’t,then let me gist you.

The first motor vehicle that arrived in Ghana was identified in the year 1902. This vehicle was a French Gardner Sepollet and its price was £543.

The old known Gardner Sepollet was brought in by a man named Mathew Nathan and it was widely recognized as a symbol of modernity and luxury in the West African colony.

Two years earlier, it was suggested by the British Secretary of State for the colonies Joseph Chamberlain that it might be good if these vehicles were used on the roads near Accra and Cape Coast.

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