Sporting director of Hatayspor club, Taner Savut has been found dead following the deadly earthquake that rocked Turkey and Syria.

Taner Savut was one of over 45,000 people who were trapped under the rubble of Turkish February 6 earthquake.

Mr. Taner Savut and Christian Atsu were two of the Hatayspor team members who were missing under the rubble despite a massive search by rescue personnel.

Hatayspor’s team doctor, Gurbey Kahveci also confirmed on last Wednesday that both the player and sporting director, Taner Savut, are yet to be found following Turkey’s devastating earthquake.

Later, the former Chelsea winger was found and pulled from the debris and was already confirmed dead as well as Taner Savut who remained missing.

It was also reported that, the 48-year-old was believed to be on 9th floor of the building before it collapsed by the 7.8 massive earthquake.

However, according to a new report on late Monday, February 22, 2023, Taner Savut is dead after his body was discovered after spending 15 days under the rubble.

According to the report, there were three other technical team members who were trapped under the wretch but escaped and survived the disaster: Ekrem Ekşiolu, Kerim Alici, and Osman Ateş.

The Hatayspor club officials are yet to make an official announcement over the death of Taner Savut.