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Things You Shouldn’t Say In A Job Interview



Appearing at a job interview could be nerve-racking but it is up to you as an applicant to calm your nerves and act as courteous and orderly as possible.

In most cases, applicants tend to say things that are obviously irrelevant to the employer whenever they are interviewed for the job in question.

In line with the fact, I will be educating readers on certain things you shouldn’t say at a job interview once it begins.

Firstly, never say ‘I dont know’. Irrespective of the fact that you have less idea what the interviewer is asking about, never tell him you have no idea.

Doing this will only make you appear ignorant.

Also, never tell your employer it is in the resume. Making this known to your employer will only make you appear rude or not serious.

Remember no matter how irritating a question is, it is up to you to respond with utmost modesty.

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