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31-Year-Old Woman Impr*gnated By 13-Year Old Boy, Police Charges Pr*gnant Woman With R@pe



Information gathered by indicates a 31-year-old woman has admitted to having s*x with a 13-year-old boy who she currently carries a baby for.

The lady named Andrea Serrano was arrested by the Fountain Police Department officers last year and according to the Police Force, he has been charged and accused of r@pe.

In addition to these allegations, the lady has been booked on charges pertaining to s*xual assault on a child by the individual in position of trust and s*xual assault on a child.

According to reports gathered from the incident, Serrano was a mother figure to the child in question and in light of this fact, the 13-year-old child used to sleep over at her house which happens to be the place where she had s*x with him and got pregnant along the line.

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