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Kenya Pastor Claiming To Be Jesus Christ Runs To Police After Congregants Thren Easteaten To Crucify Him Or



A Kenyan Pastor who claimed to be Jesus Christ is now on the loose running for cover from the police after he landed in a wind of diabolic plot from inhabitants in the community where he does his evangelism.

According to the Evangelist and clergyman named Bungoma, members of the community where he does his evangelism have vowed to crucify him on Easter.

Per their disclosure, this demonstration is a way akin to how Jesus Christ was put to death hence he should be made to go through a similar experience if he claims to be the son of God.

After being hit by this terrifying news, the Evangelist had no option than to resort to seeking for protection from the police knowing very well his life could be in danger once indigens of the community decided to crucify him.

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